February 22, 2018

Wild Game Dinners


The winter is a great time to hold a wild game dinner. During the winter, most die hard hunters are stuck inside with nothing to do but watch TV and dream about the woods. Some churches hold wild game dinners to reach out to the community and spread the gospel. Organizations including Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry, Whitetails Unlimited and the National Wild Turkey Federation hold dinners to raise support for their organizations.

For those wanting to pack a room full of sportsmen, the winter is the best time to hold a dinner. “Events that are held during the dead of winter usually have a larger audience than events that are held in the spring, summer or fall,” said wild game dinner speaker and outdoor writer, Tracy Breen. “I speak at many churches and fundraisers and there is no doubt groups are typically larger in winter. I have been the speaker for some churches several times. Some churches host winter events and summer events. Often the attendance at the summer events is half (or less) than what it is at the winter event. The reason is simple: when the weather begins to warm up, people go outside and start doing things.”

Another method to increase attendance at wild game dinners is to give away several large prizes. “The average person attends wild game dinners because they want to see a good hunting seminar and because they want to go home with a prize. Churches or organizations that are willing to give away a new bow or gun are often better attended than events that don’t give away prizes. The best way to fund the prize give away is by charging admission at the door,” Breen explained.

Groups that want to have a well-attended event need to promote the event and plan early. “Events need to be heavily promoted. Run ads in the local paper, start a Facebook page for the event, or have the speaker do an interview on a local radio station. There are a variety of things that can be done relatively inexpensively to successfully promote a wild game dinner or outdoor fundraiser,” Breen added.

Like most things, to have a successful event, plenty of time and effort must be invested in planning the event. Planning an event a year in advance is best.

To learn more about outdoor writer and inspirational speaker Tracy Breen, visit www.tracybreen.com. For a complete list of great wild game dinner speakers, visit God’s Great Outdoors at www.ggoutdoors.org.