February 22, 2018

Tracy Talks outdoor Nutrition With Wilderness Athlete

On this weeks podcast Tracy Interviews Mark Paulsen of Wilderness Athlete. Wilderness Athlete is considered the authority on outdoor nutrition. Paulsen talks about his past as a strength coach at the collegiate level and how that led to starting a nutritional company.

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Pine Ridge Archery with Brian Bychowski

If you attend a professional archery tournament, you will quickly notice every archer uses a long stabilizer.  They use a long stabilizer to help stabilize and balance the bow.  Many bowhunters think a stabilizer is mainly used to dampen vibration and because most of today’s bows are packed with vibration accessories, most hunters think they don’t need a stabilizer.  Every bowhunter should use some type of stabilizer.  Even a short one will help stabilize the bow and further destroy vibration.  In this weeks’ podcast, I interview Brian Bychowski from Pine Ridge Archery about their new lineup of stabilizers.

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